Soon these days shall pass away
For our freedom we must pay
All our words and deeds are carried on the wind
In the ground our bodies lay, here we’ll stay.

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For hubs. Remember that night at Antonelli’s there with all our friends and you passed me a napkin on which you’d written, “I sang this song a hundred, maybe a thousand years ago.” I wrote back, “No one ever listens, I just play and then I go.”

We should’ve known that second it was true love.

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“Dust in the Wind” - Kansas

This is an interesting tidbit. I was listening to a radio show on the way into work today called In The Studio, which this week is spotlighting the 35th anniversary of Kansas’ “Point of No Return” album. The former guitarist/songwriter Kerry Livgren wanted to teach himself how to finger pick on an acoustic guitar because up until that point he had never really played on one. So he created this little tune and his wife happened to walk by his music room at home where he was practicing. She stopped and asked him what it was and told him that he needed to put words to it. He told her it was just something that he was using to practice with. She was adamant. When the studio sessions wound up the other band members asked Kerry if he had any more tunes. He mentioned that he had this little acoustic number. He played it and they were stunned. That is how this tune came to be. Can you imagine? This was never intended to be anything other than a means for practice for the guitarist and it goes on to become their greatest hit. I fucking love music. 

Not only that, you could get lost for a month in Robbie Steinhardt’s hair.